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What is Energy Healing?

This is the question most commonly asked that I find the hardest to answer - mainly because the answer is complex and multifaceted, I’m not always sure where to start.

Everything in, on and around this earth has energy including us!

In scientific terms there are several types of energy - chemical, nuclear, kinetic, electrical, sound, thermal, radiant, mechanical, gravitational - and I’m sure many more I don’t understand or haven’t yet learnt about.

Many think the human body is just chemical/biological - however we use chemical energy as a basis to fuel our energy. Electrical energy exists within our body with nerve pulses (think of the electrical paddles used to restart a heart). Thermal energy is used daily in our body’s temperature control. The complexity of this conversation deserves a more educated and detailed writing. What I would like you to take away is that your whole being is energy.

Our personal energy changes second by second and can be affected by what we eat, how we sleep, who we interact with - think about your morning barista and how a simple smile or conversation can have you vibing high.

Many of us aren’t aware of our own energy - I know I certainly wasn’t. We often put our health and well being aside to keep “pushing on” - this can lead to a slump and often crash of energy seeking us to find external help.

There are many different modalities for healing our energy, some common, some not so common. Western medicine, eastern medicine, massage, acupuncture, kinesiology, reiki, crystal healing, sound healing, exercise, food, sleep, water, grounding - the list could go on and on. Think about anything you do that makes yourself feel nourished and revitalised - you are healing your energy.

My modality for healing our energy uses a combination of different things. I work with the chakras, recognised energy centres within the body. There are 7 common major chakras and thousands of minor chakras which, depending on the individuals training and beliefs could number higher than 80,000!

In conjunction with these chakras and using crystals, I use a combination of healing techniques which change ever so slightly based on the client at the time.

I have been trained in Reiki (Mastership achieved), Crystal Healing (Natural Energies College) and currently studying Holistic Counselling (Natural Energies College). Using my intuition, my energy, the clients energy and crystals, I work towards clearing any negative and stagnant energy and revitalising the chakras.

Crystals feature heavily in my practice. Many believe they are just rocks - I get that - my old logical brain began on that exact path. However, through research, further studies and now experience I can see the benefit of these natural wonders - which many civilisations before us have already known.

What are crystals? How are crystals formed? This information is extensive, for further reading and a more detailed explanation head over to my blog post “How Do Crystals Work?”.

For this particular article we need to understand that crystals have an energy within them that is measured by vibrations per second.

A real world example of this, that you see everyday, is in watches. The vibration of quartz is perfectly consistent which is why quartz watches literally use quartz crystal to help them keep the time.

A little known fact, is that tourmaline (as one example of many) is more effective than quartz when used with machinery and electrical equipment, however, quartz can be man made and manufactured to a specific shape and size. To date tourmaline can not be reproduced synthetically which is why it is overlooked.

Crystals talk to me - I get this is the part of the blog where I start to sound a little “weird”. When I connect in with a client - my toolbox of crystals let me know which ones I should be using. I believe that I can sense what vibrations are needed on the clients body at that particular time and intuitively I choose the crystals accordingly.

Some crystals are similar and beneficial to many people, other crystals I will use as a one off with a different combination based on how the clients energy is feeling to me. From my hundreds of crystals in my toolbox - the combination is always different and always put together uniquely for the client - because yes - we are all unique.

There have been healing sessions when I will be midway through a healing and I get a vision of a crystal that I haven’t yet put on the body. It is like the crystal is saying “use me, use me”.

When a crystal is called in specifically, the client and I usually research the crystal further at the end of the healing session to see if we can determine why it was particularly needed. It is my belief that when this happens there is usually a specific area of the mind, body or soul that needs healing or attending to.

By using the vibrations of the crystal, the clients own energy and my energy - I am able to feel where a client might be stuck, imbalanced, tired, drained, overwhelmed or sad. We can then use all of the tools and resources available to bring the energy centres back up to a full functioning state.

If you have any further questions about this particular modality of energy healing please feel free to get in touch

Yours in kindness



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