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  • What is energy healing?
    Please refer to my blog post (here) for a more detailed response to this question.
  • What does a treatment involve?
    A healing treatment involves a brief discussion before you lie on a table and are covered with a cosy blanket. An eye pillow will be placed over your eyes and then your only job is to relax. About 40% of clients fall asleep during a treatment - that is more than okay. I keep working to heal your energy using reiki, crystals and other healing techniques. After 40min-1hr I will bring you back to a conscious state where we have a gentle chat about everything that came up for you and me. What it could mean. How we could move forward and help you further in your day to day life.
  • Why would I have a treatment?
    Many people come out of curiosity. You will know when or if you need to come and see me. I would recommend it for clearing negative energy/attachments, starting fresh, creating some mental space for yourself, an energetic reset, getting to the bottom of a deep question and of course self care.
  • How long does a treatment go for?
    I do not put a strict time limit on a treatment, I have had some go for an hour and some go for 2 hours. I would suggest allowing a minimum of 1.5 hours so you aren’t rushed. My objective is to hold space for you for as long as you need during your appointment.
  • Is it safe for children?
    Children feel energy more acutely than adults and as such I provide a gentler version of the healing sessions for children. A lot more conversation happens with the child so they know what is happening at every step of the process. More often than not children fall asleep as they are so relaxed. Adults are more than welcome to stay with their child during the session if they would like.
  • Which crystal is best for me?
    My advice is let the crystal choose you and then find a sound resource to research that particular crystal more. Our energy will tell us exactly what we need, we need to learn to trust it.
  • Does it matter where you buy your crystals from?
    This is only my opinion but yes, it does matter, crystals pick up the energy of their environment. I would recommend buying from an ethical supplier and ensuring that the crystals haven’t been artificially coloured or man made. All of this affects the overall energy from your pieces. Remember cleansing, attuning and programming crystals can assist in healing any piece you own. The more you care for your crystal the higher energy it will have.
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