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Full Energy Healing

A full energy healing session immerses the physical and spiritual body into a state of relaxation. This point of relaxation will enable your body and energy to realign and repair.

How the session works

Upon arrival you will be welcomed into the healing room where you will have a conversation with your consultant.


After your healing session has been discussed you will lie on a massage table covered by a cosy blanket and weighted eye mask to assist your body into a total relaxation.

Your energy healer will then assess your aura, chakras and clear any stagnant energy away before resetting and raising the vibration of your energy with the assistance of reiki and crystals.

After the session

Post session, you will gently be bought back to awareness and offered water. A conversation then takes place about anything that surfaced for both the client and the practitioner during the healing.

Practical take away advice is then discussed to assist in maintaining a positive flow of energy.

Full energy healing

Children's Healing

Helping children to reset and relax.


Children's healing sessions are a 30-45 minute treatment where we help the child to reset and relax. Helping them to understand any feelings they may be experiencing. Each child leaves with their very own small tumble stone from our collection.


Children are very curious and nervous in a new situation, we take pride in talking through exactly what we are doing with the children before we proceed.


If the parents would like to wait in the room they are more than welcome.


House Cleanse/Intention Setting

Who has lived in your home, on your land before you?

We never truly know, who is there, what might be lingering. 

How the session works

This practice enables you to be in control of the energy and vibration of your environment with deepest respect to everyone who has passed through your property before you.

This session takes place at your property and involves a spiritual cleansing of the space, gridding of the property with crystals (which will remain in place) and finally an intention setting for the gridded space.


The intention setting is a practice that helps to protect and raise the vibration of the energy within the home and land.


Crystal Information Session

A crystal information session is designed to teach, share and increase knowledge about the use of crystals for your personal use.


You will be taught how to cleanse, program and care for your crystals.


We can tailor the session towards any interests you have around sourcing crystals, crystal gridding, wearing of, use of and meanings. Your requirements and interests will be discussed at the time of your booking.

This session is a one on one session run over 45 minutes.

crystal info session
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