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Full Energy Healing

A full energy healing session immerses the physical and spiritual body into a state of relaxation. This point of relaxation will enable your body and energy to realign and repair.


After the session


Post session, you will gently be raised and offered water. A conversation then takes place about anything that surfaced for both the client and the practitioner during the healing.


Practical take away advice is then discussed about steps forward and how to return/assist with the energy healing in the future at home.

How the session works


Upon arrival you will be welcomed into the healing room where you will have a conversation with your consultant.


After a healing session has been discussed you will lie on a massage table covered by a cosy blanket and weighted eye mask - assists your body into total relaxation.


Your energy healer will then assess your aura, chakras and clear any stagnant energy away before resetting and raising the vibration of your energy with the assistance of reiki and crystals.


Let's begin your healing journey

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